FANGIRL CHALLENGE | [3/10] female characters  (no specific order)

Merlin »  Morgana Pendragon  (The Witch)

"Sometimes you’ve got to do what you think is right and damn the consequences."

FANGIRL CHALLENGE | [8&9/15] male characters

Merlin » Merlin & Arthur Pendragon

I can’t love one over the other because they are both two sides of the same coin.

FANGIRL CHALLENGE | [4/15] male characters

Merlin » Emrys (Old Merlin)

"There are those who say he is the greatest sorcerer ever to walk the earth."



FANGIRL CHALLENGE | [6/15] pairings (no specific order)

Merlin » Merthur (Merlin and Arthur Pendragon)

FANGIRL CHALLENGE | [3/7] most heartbreaking scenes (no specific order)
Merlin » the death of King Arthur Pendragon…

There are no words to describe the amount of tears I shed over this.

FANGIRL CHALLENGE | [2/7] most heartbreaking scenes (no specific order)
Merlin » before Merlin leaves to get back his magic…

I broke into tears when Arthur tells him he didn’t mean any of those jokes because we all know he didn’t…even Merlin. But, Arthur never admitted that until now and he actually told Merlin how he really feels about him. And because Merlin can’t tell him the truth to why he won’t be going with Arthur to the battle field he’s painfully accepts what Arthur says to him in the end. Not to mention, you can see the disappointment and sadness on Arthur’s face when he finds out Merlin won’t be by his side since he is so use to having Merlin with him everywhere. 

FANGIRL CHALLENGE | [1/7] most heartbreaking scenes (no specific order)
Merlin » when Arthur is poisoned…

This scene made me cry just as hard as Merlin because after he heals Arthur from the poison he is begging and praying to himself that his magic worked since he wasn’t sure he could perform such a strong enchant. It just shows how much sadness and pain he would feel if he lost Arthur.

I think we all know who the real bully is...

Merlin and Arthur » ghost hunting. 

Arthur: “you’re fortunate I’m not easily frightened” 

Merlin attempting to steal Arthur’s keys x3

Arthur: “you didn’t scare me, I was asleep”

no one has more sass in Camelot than Merlin.

Gaius: “well no matter how you disguise yourself I fear Arthur will recognize you”

Merlin: “not if I’m 80 years old”