January 2012

[FAN ACCOUNT] 111229 SBS Gayo Daejun ( Donghae’s ring)

나는 SBS를보고 있었 나는 동해오빠 그가 끼고 있던 반지를 만지고있다 본 그때, 그는 혁재오빠 를 잡고 있으며, 혁재오빠 착용 반지를 만진 그럼 언제 동해오빠 는 보지 못했어요 혁재오빠 는 즉시 그녀의 반지를 벗고 바지 주머니에 넣어 혁재오빠, 당신은 동해오빠 와 링 귀하 당황입니까?

TRANS :: I was watching SBS. I saw donghae oppa is touching the ring he wore then, he grabbed Eunhyuk oppa and also touched the ring worn by Eunhyuk oppa then when donghae oppa did not see Eunhyuk oppa immediately took off his ring and put it in his pants pocket.

Credit: here | Translated :: Translated by: ALLRISEUNHAE / Fuwaah , EunHae -Jf (Source: ONLiMHiNESUPERJUNiOR)

…it’s kinda too good to be true. I wish there was a fancam T.T I need more than this… hyukkie don’t make hae sad! wear the wedding ring!! (god, this reminds me of my fic lol)

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