lost my LINE contacts

I changed my device so I lost all my LINE contacts. If I had you on LINE, can you please send me a message with your ID so I can add you again?

:’( I don’t get why I had to register again and couldn’t just transfer from one device to another…it’s so frustrating. Anyway, please message me.

Anonymous SAID:
now imagine what it'll be like when each member of SJ gets married.

omg I’d be freaking out cuz then they get to be daddies and I can’t wait to see that!!! kjfhdalfhjkfhdsjfkdhakfdhskfahjsd!!!

prince manager’s wedding pics all over my fb newsfeed


140912 KBS Music Bank Support Report

** Food support was done by a fansite of every member. But the budget for food was too high so no Shindong fansite could take it up .So in the end, the other fansites who took part shared the cost under the name Shindong Union. **

HD :(1)(2)(3)



HaeWook Twitter Update | 140914

-ryeong9:V explosion pose ㅋ

-donghae861015:On my way to Inkikayo !!:) see u soon ELF :)

kyuchul back hug ヽ(;▽;)ノ

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do you have an about me page?

yup here you go  

140914 SBS Inkigayo with Super Junior - ‘MAMACITA’ 5th Win, Winning Speech by Donghae

140914 SBS Inkigayo with Super Junior - ‘MAMACITA’ 5th Win

140914 SBS Inkigayo with Super Junior - ‘MAMACITA’

Credit: Nanpjs701

[ENG SUB} 140914 Super Show 6 Poster Photoshoot with Eunhyuk and Siwon


- Date & Time: September 19th 2014 (Fri) 8PM / September 20th 2014 (Sat) 6PM / September 21st 2014 (Sun) 4PM
- Venue: Jamsil Arena

140913 Music Core | Eunhyuk’s winning speech (tr)