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Hi! I love your blog, it's perfect ;; can I make you a question? What are your favorite pictures/gifs of Hyukkie? c:

Hello! omg you just made my night. Thank you! ^^ I’m glad you like it and find it useful. Of course you can ask. There are waaaaaaay too many pics to choose from, no way I can pick my top fav. This is so hard lol.

Some of my fav gifs are (not all gifs are mine): 







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There will be a separate music video for This is Love and Evanesce to convey thanks to fans who gave overwhelming love and support.



SJ will perform THIS IS LOVE and EVANESCE in music programs:

10/23: MCD

10/24: MUBANK



The Golden Age of Children’s TV, the 90’s.

[INFO] This is Love and Evanesce MV teaser, will be release today.



1. Watch teasers ONLY on SMTown official channel

2. RT tweet about it

3. Seach for “슈퍼주니어” on Naver

4. Share the Teasers on SNS

cr: target_sj


Worlds Best Male Artist: Han Geng |  2014 World Music Awards in Monaco x

[Pre-Order] This is Love Special Edition with SJ-World!

☆★ Info

SJ-World orders albums from Leesmusic

  • Purchases from Leesmusic count towards both Hanteo and Gaon charts
  • Leesmusic provides individual receipts for each album you order
  • Albums are shipped from Korea with tracking numbers
  • You can choose between 3 shipping methods: registered mail, FedEx or EMS
  • These are only costs for Version C (the repackage album).
  • Costs for Version A and B are shown here:
  • This is a separate topic so you can see the costs for Version C better.
  • There are 10 different covers of Version C. You may choose what cover you want as long as Leesmusic has it available.
  • You can preorder only if you can send your payment by November 7 the latest~
  • Deadline to preorder is October 22 at 11am KST
  • Keep in mind that SM produces albums based on the preorder count ^^

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They say Sungmin is insensitive to fan’s feelings, but to not hurt fans he keeps hiding his ring ㅠ.ㅠ [cr]


Donghae K-movie rumor (the youth) caps from SMtown Shanghai|141018



MAMACITA Stationery Set. Comes with 10 photocards, leather pouch, 5 pencils, ruler, eraser, memo, vial, air freshener 


“Siwon fell off his bike while filming and went to hospital :( the road was wet because the sprinkler truck was sprinkling water,Person who posted is unclear of Siwon’s injuries. A fan said Siwon’s neck was already injured a few days ago :( Hope Siwon recovers soon…Someone (non-elf?) saw Siwon at the hospital this morning. Not in serious condition, just superficial injuries,another info sayn Siwon fell when he made a turn with high speed and didn’t control his bike well. His arm and leg are injured.”